Ericsson, Telstra join forces for 5G network slicing for Australian enterprises


In a landmark announcement, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Telstra have reached a significant milestone in their collaborative effort to deliver 5G network slicing services tailored for Australian enterprises. This development, leveraging Ericsson’s Dynamic Network Slicing solution, marks the completion of the project’s initial phase, setting the stage for innovative slice-based use cases such as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), broadcasting, automotive connectivity, and more on Telstra’s leading 5G network.

The initial phase saw the successful establishment of essential wireless capabilities, focusing on the orchestration of Telstra’s Radio Access Network (RAN) Rate Controlled Scheduling (RCS) for efficient radio resource utilization and the automation of Telstra’s entire 5G RAN topology discovery. This was achieved through the integration of Ericsson’s Common Topology Service and the RAN management layer via the Ericsson Discovery and Reconciliation Framework.

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Looking ahead to 2024, the partnership is poised to embark on the next phase, which involves developing and deploying advanced features supported by an open architecture. This includes creating a network abstraction layer for seamless integration with Telstra’s IT system through a Network as a Service model, facilitating the entire customer journey from service feasibility checks to network assurance use cases.

Transforming Australian Enterprise Connectivity with Ericsson-Telstra 5G Network Slicing

Transforming Australian Enterprise Connectivity with Ericsson-Telstra 5G Network Slicing

Ericsson’s Dynamic Network Slicing solution, underpinning Telstra’s new enterprise services, operationalizes network slicing with Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance products, additional software assets, and comprehensive services. This enables Telstra to offer customized service experiences, meeting diverse performance and resiliency requirements on demand.

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Emilio Romeo, Head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, emphasized the partnership’s focus on making 5G network slicing widely accessible, highlighting the role of automation in simplifying processes and enhancing service experiences. Shailin Sehgal, Telstra Executive Network Applications and Cloud, further underscored the transformative potential of 5G network slicing in delivering premium, dependable, and differentiated service experiences for a wide range of customer use cases.

This collaboration between Ericsson and Telstra not only advances 5G connectivity for Australian enterprises but also opens up new avenues for innovation and business model evolution, promising substantial value across the spectrum of enterprise customers to individual subscribers.

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The strategic alliance between Ericsson and Telstra in advancing 5G network slicing services is a significant leap towards revolutionizing enterprise connectivity in Australia. By harnessing Ericsson’s cutting-edge Dynamic Network Slicing solution, this partnership is poised to unlock unparalleled levels of efficiency, flexibility, and customization in network services. As Australian enterprises increasingly rely on robust and adaptable connectivity solutions, the Ericsson-Telstra collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation, setting new standards in the telecommunications industry. This initiative not only exemplifies the potential of 5G technology in fostering business growth and operational excellence but also demonstrates a commitment to driving technological advancements that respond to the evolving needs of the modern enterprise landscape.

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