Equitas Small Finance Bank launches fintech accelerator – Equitech

Equitas Small Finance Bank, a Chennai-based small finance bank, said that it has launched a fintech accelerator program called Equitech, aimed at boosting fintech start-ups.

Equitech has been designed for scaling up and help fintechs in curating their products and in defining a go-to-market strategy, said the company. Currently, enrolment is in progress for the program, which aims to expand the fintech ideas into outcome-driven partnerships with focus mainly on product and customer acquisition.

The fintech accelerator is expected to help fintech start-ups reach the next level and take their products to the market in a more targeted way.

According to Equitas Small Finance Bank, Equitech will focus on banking technology such as payments, CASA, lending, transaction banking, API banking, governance and regulations along with other technologies like agri-tech, banking tech, government tech, clean energy, and other horizontal segments in major focus areas.

Equitas Small Finance Bank launches fintech accelerator program called Equitech

Equitas Small Finance Bank launches fintech accelerator program called Equitech. Photo courtesy of Photo Mix from Pixabay.

Shortlisted firms for the Indian fintech accelerator program will be provided direct access to a world class infrastructure via the tech platform and API sandbox of Equitas Small Finance Bank for product development.

The small finance bank said that Equitech will have specific cohorts and mentors and an expert panel. Start-ups will get to closely work with the experts for creating their products.

Equitas will give the support needed from legal and regulatory aspects for the selected fintech start-ups.

Equitas Small Finance Bank said that the selected fintech company could also get to service it as its first commercial business partner or as a co-brand partner.

Murali Vaidyanathan — Senior President and Country Head – Branch Banking – Liabilities, Products & Wealth, Equitas Small Finance Bank, said: “As a leading small finance bank, we are excited and proud to present the striving Fintech entrepreneurs with an opportunity to realize their dreams and present them with various avenues to step-up their fintech idea.

“The program is unique and carefully planned to support the growing entrepreneurs to achieve their goal and benefit the society. We are certain that the program will be a golden opportunity for the aspirants to learn from some of the best industry mentors and accelerate growth by allowing access to world class infrastructure and support to develop their products and ideas.

“We are confident that this initiative will be promoting some of the greatest digital innovations for the future.”

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