EDF partners with Accenture and Kraken Technologies to accelerate digital transformation in energy management


EDF, a leader in the UK’s energy sector, has embarked on a significant digital transformation by partnering with Accenture and Kraken Technologies to migrate over five million meter points to a new, advanced platform. This strategic move enables more effective management of energy use and costs for its customers, leveraging the cutting-edge Kraken platform, originally developed by Octopus Energy.

The collaboration is focused on integrating electricity and gas customer data through advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning. Richard Hughes, Retail Energy Director at EDF in the UK, emphasized the initiative’s customer-centric approach: “With Accenture and Kraken’s support, we are reimagining a simpler, customer-centric business, so that our customers are equipped to make better energy choices.”

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Scott Tinkler, a senior managing director and global Utilities lead at Accenture, highlighted the broader industry trend towards digital core modernization, which is essential for managing rapid changes in the industry and enhancing customer satisfaction. “This transformation for EDF is a powerful example of how Accenture and Kraken team up to help our clients continuously reinvent their businesses to drive agility and unlock new value for their customers,” Tinkler noted.

The partnership is underpinned by a broader ecosystem agreement between Accenture and Kraken, aimed at scaling the Kraken technology globally and delivering superior customer service. Gavin Patterson, chairman at Kraken Technologies, pointed out the benefits of the platform: “Kraken opens the door for affordable clean energy and outstanding customer service. Together, Accenture and Kraken can help EDF and other utilities and their customers benefit from a range of services, such as variable pricing when renewable energy sources are abundant.”

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Impact on Global Energy Management

The adoption of the AI-enabled Kraken platform by EDF and other utilities is poised to revolutionize the energy sector. It integrates the entire energy value chain—from energy usage and industry data to weather forecasts—allowing utilities to reduce costs, manage customer energy usage more efficiently, and improve services. This platform has already been contracted to manage more than 54 million accounts globally, including significant agreements with energy companies like Octopus Energy, as well as water and broadband utilities.

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Strategic Implications and Future Outlook

This partnership signifies a major step forward in the digital transformation of the energy sector, driven by the need to enhance operational efficiency and customer interaction. The global scale of this initiative demonstrates the potential for widespread impact, suggesting a future where digital innovation is at the heart of energy management. EDF’s commitment to this digital shift not only positions it as a leader in energy innovation but also aligns with global sustainability goals, marking a pivotal moment in the industry’s evolution.

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