Dengue Fever Imported to Hawaii by a Traveler?

Startling revelations on Hawaii Dengue Fever revealed! Did anyone bring dengue all the way to the beautiful Hawaii Island? Find out how Hawaii is dealing with dengue fever treatment, dengue prevention and control in this article on Dengue Hawaii Outbreak 2015.

Hawaii, the only US State located in Oceania is reportedly facing a possible Dengue fever outbreak. This beautiful Hawaii Island is reporting several cases of dengue fever (also known as ‘breakbone fever’). Apparently the state authorities believe that dengue is not an epidemic to Hawaii. However, they reckon that the disease has reached the archipelago including the Big Island through an infected traveler who may have been bitten by local mosquitoes leading the way to a sudden outbreak of this mosquito borne disease. The affected people show various dengue fever symptoms that include sudden high fever, lower back pain, skin rashes and loss of appetite.

The source of dengue virus is Aedes genus mosquitoes. Currently the Hawaii Island (Big Island ) has become home to this virus. Most of the identified dengue cases are caused by local mosquito bites which are shocking the health authorities. Though Hawaii eradicated the mosquito species in 1940, its virus’ eastern Asian cousin, Asian tiger mosquito caused the outbreak of this disease in 2001.

Dengue Fever Treatment

Dengue Mosquito

Dengue Mosquito

There is no specific antibiotic or medicines for dengue fever treatment. Most physicians prescribe medication to contain dengue fever symptoms. So prevention is better than cure.

How Will Hawaii Act in Dengue Prevention and Control?

The Hawaii state authorities are doing all they can to spread awareness in the local population to contain dengue virus. The health officials in Hawaii are concerned that the local mosquitoes are proving to be dangerous after getting infected with the virus. Hawaii which gets its revenue mainly through tourism is now on the tenterhooks to keep dengue virus under a check. But how will that be possible? Will the state authorities kill all the mosquitoes or ask the visitors and the native population from getting bitten by mosquitoes? To achieve either of these is unrealistic as Hawaii mainly strives on tourism and cannot afford to cause harm to its natural flora and fauna. We just have to wait and see on how Hawaii will deal with this possible epidemic that is staring it in the face.

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