Datamatics launches TruCap+ Marketplace for efficient document processing


Datamatics, a prominent global Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, has announced the launch of its TruCap+ Marketplace for customers of its TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing solution. This new addition is tailored to significantly enhance the setup process, aiming to cut time-to-automation by up to 70%.

Features of TruCap+ Marketplace

The Marketplace boasts over 50 ready-to-use document ontologies spanning various sectors including Finance & Accounting, KYC processing, payroll, loan management, banking, insurance, and healthcare. These ontologies are designed for seamless integration with TruCap+ and offer flexibility, allowing customers to utilize them as-is or modify them to meet specific needs.

New TruCap+ Marketplace by Datamatics Enhances Time-to-Automation in Document Handling

New TruCap+ Marketplace by Datamatics Enhances Time-to-Automation in Document Handling

Benefits and Commitment to Customers

Shashi Bhargava, Executive Vice President & Head-Intelligent Automation Products at Datamatics, highlighted the diverse range of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document formats across industries. TruCap+ Marketplace is set to save time, cost, and manpower for Datamatics’ customers, ensuring a reduced total cost of ownership and faster time-to-value. This development underscores Datamatics’ dedication to simplifying and expediting Intelligent Document Processing for clients.

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Datamatics’ Expansion on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Furthermore, Datamatics has recently made Datamatics TruCap+ available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This move not only broadens the availability of TruCap+ but also counts towards annual spend commitments for customers using Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The launch of TruCap+ Marketplace represents a significant advancement in document processing technology, offering enterprises a streamlined, efficient approach to handling a wide array of document types and processes.

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