Criteo partners with Dollar General Media Network to enhance retail media offerings


Criteo (Nasdaq: CRTO), a leading commerce media company, has announced a strategic partnership with Dollar General Media Network (DGMN), the retail media arm of the prominent retailer Dollar General (NYSE: DG). This collaboration is set to bolster Dollar General’s onsite sponsored ad capabilities, with future plans to expand into new ad formats later this year.

Expanding Digital Advertising Reach

Through this partnership, brand partners will gain access to premium inventory and enhanced campaign execution capabilities using Criteo’s Commerce Max, a self-service demand-side platform (DSP). Commerce Max enables Dollar General to integrate first-party data and in-store sales data, providing comprehensive insights into shopper behaviors. This integration is particularly aimed at reaching rural shoppers, a demographic that has traditionally been difficult to target effectively.

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Criteo will also facilitate direct access to DGMN’s inventory through its private market using Commerce Yield, a retailer monetization platform. This move is expected to streamline the advertising process and improve the efficiency of reaching high-intent shoppers during critical decision-making phases of their shopping journey.

Leveraging In-Store and Online Data

Dollar General, known for its significant in-store transaction volume, also experiences substantial web traffic from customers planning their shopping online. By leveraging Commerce Max, advertisers can now engage with this audience more effectively, capturing their attention during the list-building and pre-purchase stages. Additionally, an in-store sales integration within Commerce Max will provide brands and agencies with valuable omnichannel insights, helping them understand sales dynamics both in-store and online.

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Charlene Charles, Head of DG Media Network Operations, emphasized the growth and evolution of their network, “Since launching Dollar General Media Network in 2018, we have made notable investments to continually evolve and grow. Our partnership with Criteo is an extension of our commitment to our customers, especially those in hard-to-reach, rural areas.”

Strengthening the Retail Media Ecosystem

Sherry Smith, Executive Managing Director, Americas at Criteo, highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership: “Our latest partnership with Dollar General Media Network brings yet another opportunity for agencies and brands looking to capitalize on retail media’s immense growth. As we continue our work to unify the retail media ecosystem across online and offline channels, we are excited to empower Dollar General Media Networks’ partners to reach high-intent shoppers in real-time and optimize their omnichannel campaigns.”

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This collaboration between Criteo and DGMN is set to enhance the capabilities of both entities in the expanding retail and commerce media space, marking a significant step forward in bridging online and offline retail strategies.

Future Prospects and Innovations

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like that between Criteo and Dollar General Media Network are crucial for adapting to changing consumer behaviors and advancing the efficacy of digital advertising in the retail sector.

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