Creo Medical acquires power amplifiers manufacturer Aber Electronics

Creo Medical Group, a UK-based medical device company, has acquired Aber Electronics Limited for an undisclosed price.

However, the company revealed that Aber Electronics has been offered a fixed cash consideration along with a contingent payment over three years.

Based in the UK, Aber Electronics designs and manufactures power amplifiers and radio frequency products.

Creo Medical Group, which focuses on surgical endoscopy, is an existing customer of Aber Electronics. The medical devices company uses the latter’s products within the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform.

Andrew Haynes — Managing Director of Aber Electronics said: “We are pleased to join Creo Medical, with which we have a longstanding business relationship. We look forward to providing our specialist Microwave and RF products, and development and manufacturing capability as part of the Creo Group.”

According to Creo Medical Group, the acquisition will supplement its research, design, and manufacturing processes. Besides, Aber Electronics will provide the medical devices manufacturer with additional capability in specialist microwave and radio frequency along with expertise within the business and improve an important component of its supply chain.

Creo Medical Group plans to use the acquired additional resources and knowledge to further develop its Kamaptive Technology that powers the CROMA Platform.

Craig Gulliford — CEO of Creo Medical Group said: “Being an existing customer of Aber and having worked closely with the management team for a number of years, we are familiar with the quality of its products and the team there, and I’d like to welcome them all to the Creo Group.

“This acquisition fits with the ‘Buy’ aspect of our three-tiered ‘Build, Buy, Partner’ strategy, in acquiring a company with existing manufacturing operations, to complement and add capability in Creo’s product development and production.”

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