Totango and Catalyst announce merger to revolutionize customer growth platform


In a significant development in the tech industry, Totango, renowned for its enterprise customer success software, and Catalyst, a leader in customer growth platforms, have announced their merger. This pivotal move is set to create the most comprehensive customer growth platform on the market, with nearly 600 organizations worldwide already placing their trust in these platforms to propel business outcomes. This merger highlights a strategic response to the increasing demand for businesses to drive profitable operations and predictable growth, especially under the current economic conditions emphasizing responsible growth strategies.

Under the auspices of Great Hill Partners, the new organization will be co-led by Alistair Rennie and Edward Chiu, the former CEOs of Totango and Catalyst, respectively. The merger promises a unified solution that encompasses the entire customer lifecycle, enabling businesses to demonstrate value and generate additional revenue from their customer base. This integration combines the strengths of both platforms, offering a blend of intuitive customer experiences with the robustness required for enterprise-scale post-sale revenue actions. These actions are focused on quantifying customer value and business outcomes across account management, renewals, adoption, and upsell and cross-sell initiatives.

Alistair Rennie, reflecting on the merger, emphasized the critical role of Customer Success in today’s business landscape, stating, “Now is the moment for Customer Success to cement its value to the C-Suite by protecting revenue under management, owning retention and renewals, and accelerating expansion with precision.” This merger is not just about enhancing product offerings but is also set to redefine enterprise-grade integrations and AI capabilities as a distinguishing feature in the market.

Edward Chiu highlighted the necessity of mastering efficient, sustainable revenue generation from existing customer bases in today’s competitive environment. The unified product aims to ensure that businesses not only survive but also discover and leverage growth and revenue opportunities that are often overlooked.

The merger is strategic, combining Catalyst’s guided and flexible experiences with advanced workflow capabilities and Totango’s enterprise-level security, governance, and integration capacities. A unique feature of this combined offering is the advanced account summaries and analytics powered by artificial intelligence, merging Totango’s enterprise-hierarchy health score with Catalyst’s ROI-based score to provide unprecedented insights for customer growth.

Christopher Gaffney, Managing Director at Great Hill Partners, underscored the merger’s significance, stating, “This transformative merger creates a platform at the forefront of its industry, empowering teams to unlock maximum value from their existing customer base and redefining the post-sale revenue landscape.”

Madelyn DePrey, Vice President of Customer Success at Aircall, shared her perspective on the necessity for customer-led growth and flexible solutions to support retention and expansion goals. She noted Totango’s perfect fit for Aircall’s requirements, combining enterprise readiness with a modern interface to maximize revenue from existing customers.

This merger represents a forward-looking proposition that positions the combined company for continuous growth in the evolving customer success landscape, addressing the need for customer expansion as a strategic priority. It paves the way for a new model of long-term, customer-led growth, setting a new standard for the industry.

The Totango-Catalyst merger is a game-changer for businesses focused on customer growth and post-sale revenue. By combining their strengths, they are creating a unified platform that not only addresses the current needs of businesses to drive growth from their customer base but also sets a new benchmark for the industry. This strategic move is expected to provide organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s economic landscape, making customer-led growth not just an aspiration but a tangible reality.

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