Cambridge Technology Enterprises, OutSystems to revolutionize low-code solutions


Cambridge Technology Enterprises Limited, a globally recognized technology and digital transformation company, has announced a pivotal partnership with OutSystems, a leader in high-performance application development. This collaboration is set to enhance Cambridge’s service teams, integrating OutSystems into the enterprise digital stack for the success of its current and future clients.

Expanding Digital Solutions Across Key Verticals

With extensive experience in various industries including Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, BFSI, and Telecom, Cambridge aims to integrate AI, Data, and OutSystems’ High-performance Low-Code application development platform into its marketplace services. This initiative is targeted at augmenting low-code development practices, significantly improving clients’ workflow enhancement across their value chains.

Cambridge Technology Enterprises Announces Strategic Partnership with OutSystems

Cambridge Technology Enterprises Announces Strategic Partnership with OutSystems

Cambridge’s Vision for Institutionalizing High-Performance Low-Code

Madabhushi Raghavan, Executive Vice President at Cambridge Technology Enterprises Ltd., highlights the company’s unique position in establishing OutSystems high-performance low-code Centers of Excellence. The focus is on maximizing application development through the OutSystems platform, aligning closely with business and digital objectives.

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Comprehensive IT Solutions and Market Capabilities

Cambridge’s products and services encompass a wide range of IT needs for organizations, from strategic workshops to the implementation of transformative business solutions. The partnership with OutSystems is a testament to Cambridge’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the digital transformation arena.

OutSystems’ Enthusiasm for the Partnership

Saravanan Subramaniam, RVP, APAC Channels & Alliances at OutSystems, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the potential to extend their reach into specific industry verticals by capitalizing on Cambridge’s domain expertise. This collaboration is expected to enhance Cambridge’s market capabilities, offering enterprises the freedom to innovate with no limits in application development and modernization efforts.

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