Cadmatic acquires Italian software firm Computer Line Associates


Cadmatic, a developer of digital and 3D design and information management software solutions, has acquired Computer Line Associates (CLA), an Italian engineering software company, for an undisclosed price.

Founded in 2001, Computer Line Associates provides software to EPC contractors and plant owner-operators for managing construction sites, piping materials and piping supports, online tenders, multidisciplinary engineering data, plant welding, and project planning.

The company has a workforce of 22 and has an office in Piacenza, located 70km south of Milan.

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Jukka Rantala — Cadmatic CEO said: “CLA is a perfect strategic fit for us. They have impressive references, especially in the key area of multinational EPC companies and our offerings have no overlapping functionalities.

“By integrating CLA’s materials and construction management products with Cadmatic’s design, engineering, and information management solutions, we can offer integrated and advanced functionality and a one-stop-shop to benefit our customers from design to construction and beyond.

“In addition to the products and customer base, we also gain access to the extensive material and construction management knowledge they have developed over the years.”

Cadmatic acquires Italian software firm Computer Line Associates- Jukka Rantala (l) and Gian Mario Tagliarett.

Cadmatic acquires Italian software firm Computer Line Associates- Jukka Rantala (l) and Gian Mario Tagliarett. Photo courtesy: Business Wire.

Computer Line Associates marks the fourth major technology-based acquisition for Cadmatic in recent times. The latter caters to power, marine, process, and construction industries by expediting design, engineering, construction, and operation of industrial plants, ships, and buildings with its solutions.

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Gian Mario Tagliaretti — Computer Line Associates COO and deputy CEO said: “When you combine Cadmatic and CLA, you get something greater than the sum of its parts. Cadmatic has traditionally been strong in plant, marine and building design, CLA have general engineering data management applications.

“Together we form a comprehensive package. CLA have developed a very strong market position in Italy-based multinational industrial companies, but Cadmatic’s large global network means that the integrated solution can be more successful internationally, we make the perfect team.”

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