Bolt.Earth, Bafang team up to advance electric two-wheeler industry


In a significant advancement for the electric two-wheeler domain, Bolt.Earth and Bafang have unveiled their strategic partnership, aimed at providing a robust solution for electric vehicle (EV) two-wheeler OEMs. This alliance promises to redefine the industry by empowering OEMs to offer enhanced user experiences, catalyzing a shift in the current mobility paradigm.

Bafang’s Renowned Electric Drive Expertise

Recognized for its meticulously engineered EV components such as motors, Motor Control Units, Batteries, and Vehicle Control Units tailored for e-bikes and e-motorcycles, Bafang showcases its deep-rooted hardware prowess. Their brand, T&D, a registered trademark of Bafang Electric based in Suzhou, China, stands testament to their dedication. With over two decades in electric drive systems, T&D, with its expansive global network and supply chain, offers superior powertrains for electric motorbikes across various categories, from Off-Road and Urban to High-Performance systems.

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Bolt.Earth’s Comprehensive EV Operating Stack (OS)

In contrast, Bolt.Earth brings its innovative EV Operating Stack (OS) to the table, designed to be the software backbone for electric two-wheeler OEMs. The offerings encompass smart instrument clusters, OEM and fleet management dashboards, integrated marketplace solutions, and a unique peer-to-peer charging network for both AC and DC charging points. This holistic software solution promises a seamless and interconnected EV experience for users.

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Jyotiranjan Harichandan, Co-Founder at Bolt.Earth, shared his perspective, “With this alliance, we are ushering in a new era for EV two-wheeler OEMs. OEMs can now leverage the combined strength of Bafang’s hardware expertise and our innovative OS to offer customers an EV experience that’s holistic, interconnected, and user-centric.”

Echoing the sentiment, Sunny, Managing Director at Bafang, noted, “This isn’t just about two companies working closely. It’s about amplifying the potential of EV two-wheelers for OEMs. By integrating our robust drive systems with Bolt.Earth’s state-of-the-art software solutions, we’re giving OEMs the tools to redefine and elevate the EV journey for their customers.”

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Ultimately, this collaboration offers a comprehensive solution for EV two-wheeler OEMs, simplifying their product journey from inception and expediting their market positioning. It marks a giant leap, combining top-tier drive systems with software that boosts user engagement, setting OEMs on a streamlined path to success.

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