BLS International, Knowledge Catalyst partner to issue HealthCerts

BLS International Service has signed an agreement with Knowledge Catalyst to provide digital health certificates also called HealthCerts, for passengers travelling to and from Singapore.

While BLS International Service is an India-based tech-enabled services partner for governments and citizens, Knowledge Catalyst is a Singapore-based tech company specializing in blockchain technology.

BLS International Service with immediate effect will begin issuing HealthCerts in Singapore.

Rudy J. Rahardjo – CEO of Knowledge Catalyst said: “Being at the forefront of such technology has allowed Knowledge Catalyst to build global partnerships with key stakeholders around the world.

“We are excited to be partnering with BLS international to facilitate travellers travelling to and from Singapore in meeting safe travel requirements.”

BLS International, Knowledge Catalyst partner to issue HealthCerts

BLS International, Knowledge Catalyst partner to issue HealthCerts. Photo courtesy of Gerald Friedrich from Pixabay.

A HealthCert is a set of digital standards and schema for providing digital Covid-19 pre-departure test (PDT) results certificates in with global standards and the requirements of the Singapore government.

The HealthCerts schema was developed in partnership with Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Tamper-proof and also traceable, the HealthCerts are presently issued directly to travellers in the form of a QR code. They can be downloaded onto passengers’ mobile devices.

According to BLS International Service, the QR codes will help authorities to easily verify that the PDT results have been given by accredited healthcare institutions and enable them to confirm the authenticity of the certificates before allowing border access.

Shikhar Aggarwal – Joint Managing Director, BLS International, said, “There is an immense need for such initiatives for the comfort of travellers and authorities to facilitate ease in travelling as countries are opening their borders. We are excited about this partnership with Knowledge Catalyst to provide a seamless cross-border travel experience with reliable digital health certificates.

“Since both inbound and outbound travellers in Singapore are required to have health certificates, BLS has begun the project focusing on inbound travellers to Singapore and outbound travellers traveling from Singapore to Spain, Italy and India, our existing client governments in Singapore.”

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