AI-based learning platform Quizlet raises $30m in Series C round


Quizlet, a global learning platform with artificial intelligence (AI) powered study tools, has raised $30 million in a Series C funding round led by growth equity firm General Atlantic.

The proceedings from the funding round are expected to help in driving Quizlet’s continued product innovation with a focus on data science and machine learning capabilities. Apart from that, the capital will also be used by the learning platform towards its strategic expansion opportunities that are in line with its objective to help people practice and master whatever they wish to learn.

Quizlet is said to enable learners to create, share, and consume high-quality user-generated content. The learning platform is said to serve a diverse userbase across geographies and stages of education.

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It is said to have over 50 million active users a month and more than a billion questions answered on the platform every week, and with two-thirds of high school students and half of all college-aged students in the US on the platform.

Quizlet claims that on its platform, students and teachers can access more than 400 million user-generated study sets, or create their own, to study across activities that include flashcards, practice questions, and interactive diagrams and games.

Its most popular study activity is said to be Quizlet Learn, which uses AI to create an adaptive study plan that adjusts to the learning requirements of users. The study plan can be scheduled to help the users reach mastery by a certain date, such as a test or final.

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The Smarter Grading & Feedback system of Quizlet can understand the answers of students beyond a word-for-word match, determine what is correct and what requires more understanding, and then help the student in studying.

AI-based learning platform Quizlet raises $30m in Series C round

AI-based learning platform Quizlet raises $30m in Series C round. Image courtesy of Tumisu from Pixabay.

Matthew Glotzbach – CEO of Quizlet said: “Imagine if every person had access to an AI-powered tutor to help them confidently study anything they wanted to learn. The team at Quizlet wakes up every day excited to make students’ lives better by creating innovative tools that move our users towards mastery more quickly and more effectively.

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“General Atlantic recognizes the value of technology’s impact on learning, and we welcome them as a long-term partner and strategic advisor as we pursue our next phase of growth.”

Peter Munzig – Managing Director in General Atlantic Technology investing sector said: “General Atlantic is a strong backer of the digitization and personalization of education, and we are excited to leverage our expertise in this field to partner with Matt and the talented Quizlet team to continue to scale the business globally.”

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