Accenture wraps up acquisition of Customer Management IT and SirfinPA in Italy


Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has officially completed the acquisition of two significant players in the Italian technology sector, Customer Management IT and SirfinPA. These two firms, jointly owned and operating in synergy, are known for their innovative services and technology solutions specifically tailored for the justice and public safety sectors in Italy.

Details of the Acquisition

Although the terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, the acquisition was first announced on December 22, 2023, and follows closely after Accenture’s acquisition of Intellera Consulting. This recent series of acquisitions underscores Accenture’s commitment to expanding its capabilities in the Italian public sector, particularly in areas requiring robust digital solutions.

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Operational Impact and Strategic Synergy

Customer Management IT and SirfinPA, established in 2010, have cemented their reputation as leaders in the Italian IT landscape. With a strong presence in Rome, Naples, and Rende (Cosenza), they offer a comprehensive range of services that support the Italian Ministry of Justice and various public safety initiatives. Their contributions include developing and managing technology applications for the central criminal justice department and providing digital infrastructure essential for modernizing trials.

The acquisition allows Accenture to leverage the expertise of over 300 technology professionals from both consultancies, enhancing its service offerings in system and application integration, cloud application development, infrastructure management, and fleet management for desktops and servers.

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Strategic Implications for Accenture

This acquisition is part of Accenture’s broader strategy to enhance its digital core and deliver more sophisticated services to public service organizations across Italy. By integrating Customer Management IT and SirfinPA’s capabilities, Accenture not only strengthens its position in the Italian market but also significantly boosts its ability to support governmental and justice-related digital transformations.

Industry Perspective and Future Outlook

The completion of this acquisition is a pivotal moment for Accenture as it continues to expand its influence in the public sector technology space, particularly within the justice and public safety domains. The move is expected to have a positive impact on the services provided to Italian citizens, improving efficiency and accessibility of public services through advanced technological solutions.

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With these strategic acquisitions, Accenture is poised to make significant advancements in the Italian public sector, emphasizing the role of digital innovation in enhancing public services and supporting societal needs through technology.

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