Accenture acquires Intellera Consulting to bolster public sector innovation in Italy


Accenture, a global leader in professional services, has successfully completed the acquisition of Intellera Consulting, one of Italy’s leading providers of consultancy services specialized in public sector innovation. This strategic move, announced initially on April 2, 2024, significantly enhances Accenture’s capabilities in the public administration and healthcare sectors.

Strategic Expansion and Expertise Enhancement

The acquisition brings an additional 1,400 professionals from Intellera Consulting into Accenture’s fold. These individuals are recognized for their expertise in strategy, consulting, and technology, particularly in navigating digital, strategic, and organizational transformation processes. Intellera’s team, established in 2021 and backed by Gyrus Capital, has been instrumental in facilitating public sector organizations’ access to EU funding, including the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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Located in Rome and Milan, Intellera Consulting has also been actively engaged with Italy’s healthcare providers to implement more sustainable, agile, and inclusive systems. This aligns with the growing demand for innovative and efficient healthcare solutions amidst Italy’s aging population and the ongoing healthcare reform.

Broader Implications for Accenture’s Growth Strategy

This acquisition marks a continuation of Accenture’s aggressive expansion in Italy, following the recent acquisitions of Customer Management IT and SirfinPA, both of which also serve the public sector. By consolidating these new capabilities, Accenture is poised to play a pivotal role in transforming Italy’s public sector through enhanced use of data and AI technologies.

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The terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, but the strategic value of integrating Intellera Consulting into Accenture’s existing operations is clear. This acquisition not only broadens Accenture’s service offerings but also strengthens its position as a critical partner in the public sector’s digital transformation journey in Italy.

The integration of Intellera Consulting under the Accenture umbrella is expected to bring a fresh perspective to Italy’s public sector projects. With both companies’ strengths combined, they can deliver more comprehensive and technically advanced solutions that cater to the complex needs of public administration and healthcare services.

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