Absci collaborates with AstraZeneca for AI-designed oncology antibody


Absci Corporation (Nasdaq: ABSI), a leader in generative AI antibody discovery, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company. This partnership aims to develop an AI-designed antibody targeting oncology, potentially accelerating the discovery of a new cancer treatment candidate.

Financial Commitment and Collaboration Details

The agreement encompasses an upfront commitment, along with R&D funding, milestone payments, and royalties on product sales. This financial framework underlines the significance of the collaboration in advancing cancer treatment research.

Sean McClain and Absci’s Vision

Sean McClain, Absci Founder & CEO, expressed excitement about partnering with AstraZeneca. He highlighted the potential impact of this collaboration on improving the lives of cancer patients and advancing Absci’s vision of using AI to create transformative therapeutics.

Innovative AI and Oncology Partnership between Absci and AstraZeneca Targets Cancer

Innovative AI and Oncology Partnership between Absci and AstraZeneca Targets Cancer

The Role of Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation Platform

Absci contributes its innovative Integrated Drug Creation platform, combining generative AI with scalable wet-lab technologies. This platform is designed to accelerate drug discovery by integrating data collection, AI-driven design, and wet-lab validation within approximately six weeks.

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Puja Sapra on the Collaboration’s Potential

Puja Sapra, Senior Vice President of Biologics Engineering & Oncology Targeted Delivery at AstraZeneca, underscored the significance of utilizing Absci’s AI platform in designing novel antibody therapies in oncology.

Recent Milestones and Future Prospects

This collaboration follows Absci’s recent publication on the design and validation of de novo antibodies and expands its partnerships in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The agreement with AstraZeneca marks a significant step in utilizing AI to enhance drug discovery, particularly in challenging areas like oncology.

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The partnership between Absci Corporation and AstraZeneca represents a notable advancement in the integration of AI technology in biopharmaceutical research, particularly in the field of oncology. This collaboration is poised to make significant contributions to the development of effective cancer treatments, reflecting a blend of cutting-edge AI technology and medical expertise.

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