Westlife Development to add 150-200 McDonald’s restaurants across India

Westlife Development, which owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in southern and western India, will invest INR 800-1,000 crores in the next 3-4 years to add another 150-200 locations.

The company is engaged in establishing and operating quick service restaurants (QSR) in India via its subsidiary — Hardcastle Restaurants.

Westlife Development plans to further strengthen its position in the chicken, burger, and beverage segments. To celebrate its 25th year in India, the restaurant holding company had recently introduced a new range of gourmet burgers.

The company said that the announced investment will be directed towards increasing its presence, innovations in the menu, improving the supply chain, and enhancing the experience for consumers. The initiatives are expected to result in up to 6000-8000 direct and indirect jobs within the QSR industry.

Westlife Development to add 150-200 McDonald's restaurants across India

Westlife Development to add 150-200 McDonald’s restaurants across India. Photo courtesy of Malyadri/Wikimedia Commons.

The next stage of expansion in Westlife Development will see the company embrace the latest technology and data analytics tools in order to provide a customized, feature-rich experience to customers.

As on 30 June 2021, Hardcastle Restaurants had been operating 305 McDonald’s restaurants in 42 cities across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.

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