WebMD snaps up operating assets of health education firm Healthwise


In a significant development within the healthcare information services sector, WebMD Health Corp., a subsidiary of Internet Brands and a frontrunner in providing health information services to consumers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals, announced its acquisition of the operating assets of Healthwise, Incorporated. This move is poised to enhance WebMD’s offerings and extend its reach in the healthcare education and engagement arena.

Healthwise, Incorporated, known for its patient and member health education and engagement services, has effectively contributed to the healthcare sector by delivering consumer health content. This content aids healthcare organizations in engaging with and educating their patients and members, promoting better healthcare outcomes and reducing care costs. The integration of Healthwise’s assets into WebMD Ignite, WebMD’s healthcare growth and engagement division, signifies a leap towards transforming the healthcare ecosystem through personalized education and enhanced connectivity at every health journey touchpoint.

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The acquisition encompasses Healthwise’s content, products, technology, client relationships, and certain trademarks. Ann Bilyew, Executive Vice President of Health and President of the Healthcare Solutions Group at Internet Brands, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, stating, “The addition of Healthwise’s business increases our already significant scale in content, technology, data, and AI.” This strategic move is expected to bolster WebMD Ignite’s capacity to deliver deeply personalized engagement solutions at crucial moments in the healthcare journey.

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By incorporating Healthwise’s operating assets, WebMD Ignite will now serve over 650 healthcare organizations, encompassing more than 50% of hospitals in the U.S. and 85% of the top 20 payers, making it the largest healthcare growth engagement platform in the country. This expansion is anticipated to empower healthcare systems, providers, and plans with the necessary educational resources to support patients and members through their healthcare journeys, from discovery to recovery.

Dr. Adam Husney, CEO of Healthwise, expressed pride in the legacy of Healthwise and optimism about the future, stating, “We now have an opportunity to extend our mission through the broader solutions and delivery platforms offered by WebMD Ignite.”

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Following the acquisition, the Healthwise Board of Directors aims to continue exploring new avenues for the Healthwise nonprofit entity to fulfill its mission of aiding people in making better health decisions, independently of the payer and provider space.

While the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, Healthwise was represented by Canaccord Genuity LLC throughout the process.

This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the healthcare information sector, promising enhanced patient and member engagement through superior education solutions. By leveraging the strengths of both WebMD and Healthwise, this partnership is set to drive significant improvements in healthcare outcomes and efficiency.

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