Wearing high heels may result in Arthritis | Do high heels cause arthritis?

Many of you may not be aware that wearing high heels may result in developing arthritis. Most of the women wear high heels or pointed heels to show their trend in fashion world.

Find answer for Do high heels cause arthritis? Yes high heels causes arthritis by giving stress to your knees and joints.

They do not know the unwanted effects of wearing high heels or pointed foot wear. So in this post let us check the effects of high heels for arthritis.

High heels causes arthritis

High heeled foot wear of more than 2 inches may result in more strain to the ankles knees and ultimately to the hip joints. This stress may result in the damage of the cartilaginous tissue between the joints and this result to set in the arthritis.

High heels may also lead to imbalance in the gait of the people wearing them that may finally result in the twisting of the foot and fractures may also occur. So the users of high heels should not use them more often to prevent the setting in of arthritis and to prevent joint problems. So if you want to avoid joint problems, then avoid foot wear of more than 2 feet length.

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