VST Tillers Tractors launches 9 HP 95 DI Ignito – Power Tiller in India

VST Tillers Tractors has launched the 95 DI Ignito – Power Tiller in India to work in fields with crops like sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, paddy, turmeric, and horticulture among others.

According to the Indian farm equipment manufacturer, the 95 DI Ignito is the first 9 HP electric start power tiller in India.

The power miller is said to have a broad variety of brush cutters, which have been launched specifically to address the requirements of small and marginal farmers.

VST Tillers Tractors claimed that demand for farm mechanization equipment is rising because of the shortage of labor and the requirement for boosting productivity.

Antony Cherukara — CEO of VST Tillers Tractors said: “For the last 53 years, VST has been successfully pioneering the cause of mechanizing small and marginal farmers by offering best in class, indigenously developed and tested agriculture equipment.

“With the launch of India’s first 9 HP, electric start, indigenous Power Tiller, VST is further strengthening its commitment to small farmers of the country. We also see a good demand for brush cutters for various applications like Weeding, Crop Cutting, Trimming in farming, orchard, and nursery.”

VST Tillers Tractors said that the 95 DI Ignito Power Tiller is suitable particularly for applications such as bund formation, puddling, and earthing up and de-weeding. Apart from electric start, the new power tiller has a powerful 9 HP diesel engine for driving the PTO for spraying and other auxiliary applications.

Earlier this year, VST Tillers Tractors took part in the $20 million Series A funding round of California-based smart tractor manufacturer Monarch Tractor.

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