Vedanta announces demerger plan to unlock value and fuel growth


Vedanta Limited, India’s leading diversified natural resources powerhouse with a substantial global presence, has unveiled an ambitious plan to demerge its business units into distinct “pure play” companies. This strategic move aims to unlock inherent value within each business segment and attract substantial investments for expansion and growth. Vedanta’s unwavering commitment to top-notch Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, coupled with its focus on critical metals for the green economy transition, underscores its vision.

The timing of this announcement is significant, coinciding with India’s projection as the fastest-growing major economy for the foreseeable future. Over ninety percent of Vedanta Ltd’s profits originate in India, aligning with the escalating demand for commodities as the nation embarks on ambitious infrastructure development and energy transition goals that heavily rely on minerals. India’s emphasis on self-reliance further paves the way for rapid growth in the commodities sector for Indian companies.

Vedanta boasts a unique portfolio of assets encompassing zinc, silver, lead, aluminium, chromium, copper, nickel, oil and gas, iron ore, steel, power (including coal and renewable energy), and is venturing into semiconductor and display glass manufacturing. Through the demerger, each independent entity will gain autonomy to maximize its potential and intrinsic value, guided by independent management, capital allocation, and tailored growth strategies. This strategic move will also broaden the investor base for Vedanta assets, offering both global and Indian investors the opportunity to invest in their preferred vertical.

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In alignment with this transformative vision, the Vedanta Limited Board has approved a pure-play, asset-owner business model that will lead to the creation of six separate listed companies, namely Vedanta Aluminium, Vedanta Oil & Gas, Vedanta Power, Vedanta Steel and Ferrous Materials, Vedanta Base Metals, and Vedanta Limited.

The demerger will be executed as a straightforward vertical split, entitling shareholders to receive one share of each of the five newly listed companies for every one share of Vedanta Limited.

Additionally, Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, has made a noteworthy announcement. HZL’s Board has initiated a comprehensive review of its corporate structure, with the intention of establishing separate legal entities for its Zinc & Lead, Silver, and Recycling businesses, a move geared towards unlocking significant value.

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The rationale behind the demerger is multifold, which includes simplification of Vedanta’s corporate structure, focusing on independent sector-specific businesses.

The demerger will provide direct investment avenues to global investors, including sovereign wealth funds, retail investors, and strategic investors, tapping into India’s remarkable growth story through Vedanta’s world-class assets.

It will also empower individual units to pursue tailored strategic agendas, facilitating alignment with customer needs, investment cycles, and market dynamics.

Moreover, it will enhance visibility and market valuation of Vedanta’s family of companies, emphasizing technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and robust growth stories.

Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is an exciting announcement for Vedanta, and India. Our country is on an unprecedented growth trajectory, poised to become the world’s third-largest economy by the end of this decade. The demand for minerals, metals, oil, gas, and power is set to surge, and Vedanta’s businesses are uniquely positioned to meet this growing demand and reduce reliance on imports. We are also venturing into semiconductors and display glass, strategically significant for India.”

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He added, “Through the demerger, we believe we will unlock value and unleash faster growth in each vertical. While they fall under the broader umbrella of natural resources, each has its distinct market dynamics, demand-supply trends, and potential to leverage technology for enhanced productivity. Vedanta’s commitment to the well-being of our workforce, communities, and the environment remains unwavering as we embrace new ways of conducting business, driven by our commitment to transformative change for the better.”

Vedanta’s strategic demerger plan marks a pivotal moment in its journey, setting the stage for renewed growth and innovation across its diverse business segments. Stay tuned for updates as the company progresses in its pursuit of value creation and sustainable development.

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