VanillaSoft acquires sales automation software provider Autoklose


VanillaSoft, a -based sales engagement software firm, has acquired Autoklose, an email automation and sales intelligence platform vendor, for an undisclosed price.

Established in 2018, Autoklose is said to be an all-in-one outbound email automation and integrated B2B contact database platform that helps salespeople to automate their email outreach, prospecting, engagement, and reporting efforts.

The company’s email capabilities include lead generation, calendar scheduling, drip campaigns, and CRM integration, while the database offers access to more than 40 million validated B2B contacts.

VanillaSoft will be integrating the email campaign and cadence platform of Autoklose into its platform to offer customers pre- and post-sales nurturing capabilities.

The integrated tools will enable B2B teams to scale their personal email outreach to prospects and leads. The leads can be routed back into VanillaSoft cadences for active sales engagement and pursuit depending on the pre-established pattern or behavior.

Based on the buyer’s position in the sales cycle, the users have the option of either using a single-channel or multi-channel approach to engage with their prospects.

David Hood – CEO of VanillaSoft said: “The Autoklose technology and team will make a significant contribution to our vision of establishing VanillaSoft as the number one sales engagement platform for SMB customers in real-world industries such as insurance and fundraising.

“After evaluating a number of different technologies and companies in the market, we saw that the capabilities and technology in the Autoklose platform would be a perfect fit for what our customers are looking for to enhance their sales outreach and engagement capabilities.

“Further, the founders have a great vision, a passion for the industry, and built up an extremely talented group of people. We are incredibly excited to bring Autoklose into the VanillaSoft team.”

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