US-based Lightning eMotors to purchase 175MWh CATL EV battery products

Lightning eMotors, a Colorado-based provider of medium- and heavy-duty specialty commercial electric vehicles (EVs) for fleets, has agreed for buying battery products produced by Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL).

In this connection, Lightning eMotors has signed a two-year agreement with Coulomb Solutions, a CATL distributor, that will provide the former additional optionality around form factor.

With various battery size and shape options available, Lightning eMotors expects to address a range of use cases and better meet the requirements of customer.

Chelsea Ramm — Lightning eMotors vice president of global supply chain said: “CATL has a proven lineup of battery pack configurations that will provide us with additional flexibility for our wide range of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission commercial electric vehicles.

“CATL’s mature product portfolio, combined with our existing and ongoing partnerships, provides us with several efficient battery pack options as we work with customers to configure the right vehicles to fit their needs.”

US-based Lightning eMotors to purchase 175MWh CATL EV battery products

US-based Lightning eMotors to purchase 175MWh CATL EV battery products. Photo courtesy of Lightning eMotors / D. Bennett

The US fleet solutions provider will get CATL battery products in two pack options — a 30kWh battery and 35kWh battery, for a total of over 175MWh of battery capacity.

Apart from that, Lightning eMotors is collaborating with CATL and Coulomb Solutions for designing and installing contactor safety switch systems on CATL C- and G-battery packs that will be exclusive to it. The switch systems will enable first responders to disable the vehicle’s entire EV powertrain easily in the case of an accident.

Lightning eMotors expects to begin production of vehicles equipped with CATL battery packs in March 2022 in order to fulfill a wide variety of customer orders in the coming year.

Tim Reeser — Lightning eMotors CEO said: “This new partnership with CSI providing CATL’s advanced battery systems represents a significant step forward with our battery sourcing plan and provides us with an even greater ability to quickly provide our customers with zero-emission vehicles that meet their expectations.

“CATL has established itself as a respected industry leader, and our exclusive safety feature innovations mean Lightning eMotors customers are getting unique and best-in-class vehicles.”

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