United Felts unveils new wet-out facility in Montana to enhance CIPP liner production


United Felts, a division of the Vortex Companies and a leader in the Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) liner industry, has announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art wet-out facility in Montana. This development is part of a strategic initiative to increase production capacity and improve service delivery to customers on the West Coast and in Canada.

Strategic Expansion to Meet Growing Market Demands

The new facility represents a significant advancement in United Felts’ operations, enabling the company to produce CIPP liners more efficiently, swiftly, and cost-effectively. Positioned strategically to serve the burgeoning demand in Western U.S. states and Canadian provinces, this facility is poised to become a pivotal element in United Felts’ growth strategy.

Mike Vellano, CEO of Vortex Companies, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “At Vortex, we are constantly looking to grow and adapt to meet our customers’ needs where they are. Expanding our capabilities and facilities in the Western U.S. and Canadian Provinces is a critical part of our strategic plan. This facility marks an important step in our ongoing expansion.”

United Felts unveils new wet-out facility in Montana to enhance CIPP liner production

United Felts unveils new wet-out facility in Montana to enhance CIPP liner production

Advancements in UV Liner Technology

The facility’s launch comes at a crucial time as United Felts prepares to release its expanded UV liner portfolio in 2024. This portfolio is set to include innovative products such as EnviroCure UV, which simplifies the pipe relining process by eliminating the need for pre-marking laterals for reinstatement, and United UV GRP, designed for large diameter applications. According to United Felts, this will be the most dynamic UV liner portfolio on the market, offering the broadest range of UV liner options available.

Matt Timberlake, President of United Felts, highlighted the strategic importance of the new facility, “Interest in UV technology for pipe relining is growing, especially in the Western U.S. market. This new facility not only allows us to shorten delivery times for our wet or dry UV liners but also places our entire product line within easy reach of a key growth market.”

Commitment to Quality and Service

Located in Montana, the facility will serve as a center of excellence for wet-out services, continuing to uphold the high standards of ‘Made in America’ quality that United Felts, formerly known as FerraTex Solutions, is renowned for. The facility is designed to enhance the company’s operational capabilities and ensure that United Felts remains at the forefront of the CIPP industry, delivering top-tier products and services to its clients.

The strategic location and advanced technological capabilities of the new wet-out facility are set to significantly enhance United Felts’ production efficiency and market reach. By investing in this facility, United Felts is not only responding to current market demands but also preparing for future growth in the CIPP liner market, particularly in the adoption of UV liner technologies.

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