Triton Electric Vehicle powers sustainable pilgrimage at BAPS Mandir, Abu Dhabi


In a landmark move underscoring the intersection of technology, faith, and environmental stewardship, Triton Electric Vehicle (TEV) has announced the donation of five Electric Mini Buses to the newly inaugurated BAPS Mandir in Abu Dhabi. This gesture not only highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation but also marks a significant milestone in the relationship between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), further solidified by the presence and address of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration.

Electric Mobility Meets Spiritual Journeys

The donation of these electric buses by TEV symbolizes more than just an advancement in eco-friendly transportation; it represents a bridge between innovation and tradition. With the capacity to carry 14 passengers and a range of 130 kilometers on a single charge, these air-conditioned electric buses are set to enhance the visitor experience at the BAPS Mandir, allowing thousands of devotees to explore the spiritual site with ease, comfort, and minimal environmental impact.

Triton Electric Vehicle Donates Electric Buses to BAPS Mandir in Abu Dhabi

Triton Electric Vehicle Donates Electric Buses to BAPS Mandir in Abu Dhabi

A Milestone for TEV and India-UAE Relations

Himanshu Patel, the Chairman and Managing Director of Triton Electric Vehicle, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant occasion, highlighting it as a day of pride and joy for the entire Indian community worldwide. The successful delivery and operation of TEV’s first five Electric Mini Buses at the BAPS Mandir not only serve as a testament to the company’s technological and environmental ambitions but also resonate with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of ‘Make In India’ and ‘Make for the world.’

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This event underscores the growing economic leadership of India on the global stage, fostering a narrative of innovation, sustainability, and cultural exchange between India and the UAE. Patel’s remarks capture the essence of this vision, emphasizing the role of these electric buses in contributing to a more holistic society and embodying the divinity and teachings of Lord Swaminarayan.

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A Symbol of Environmental Commitment and Corporate Kindness

Beyond facilitating a seamless and environmentally friendly pilgrimage experience, the donation of these electric buses by TEV is a powerful statement on the importance of corporate responsibility in contributing positively to the ecosystem. It reflects a broader trend of integrating sustainable practices within corporate strategies, particularly in the context of India’s leadership in green technology and innovation.

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As these electric buses begin their journeys, ferrying devotees to and from the BAPS Mandir, they stand as symbols of a future where technology and tradition coalesce to foster a greener, more sustainable world.

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