Top Shelf International Holdings launches A$14m capital raise to fuel expansion


Top Shelf International Holdings, a renowned Melbourne-based distiller, has announced a capital raise of A$13.9 million, aiming to enhance its operations and extend its market presence. Known for its distinctive Australian spirits like NED Australian Whisky, Grainshaker Hand Made Australian Vodka, and Act or Treason Australian Agave, the company is poised to use these funds to further develop its innovative product lines and expand its operational capacity.

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Strategic Expansion in Distillery and Agave Production

Located in Campbellfield, Victoria, Top Shelf International prides itself on modern fermentation, distillation, and packaging facilities that support its substantial research and development efforts. A significant portion of the capital raised will be invested in expanding these facilities and enhancing their canning, bottling, and packaging services. Furthermore, the company is pioneering Australia’s first agave spirit range, leveraging a strategically chosen agave farm in the Whitsundays region, Queensland. This location is ideal due to its climate, which is perfect for growing tequilana blue agave.

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Commitment to Quality and Australian Heritage

The company’s commitment to creating high-quality, premium Australian products is evident in its approach to leveraging local resources and expertise in distilled spirits. Each brand under Top Shelf International’s umbrella captures a unique Aussie attitude and flavor profile, aimed at delivering a distinct social experience.

Industry Outlook

This capital raise not only solidifies Top Shelf International’s position in the Australian spirits market but also sets a precedent for growth and innovation in the industry. With this infusion of capital, Top Shelf is expected to enhance its production capabilities and broaden its market reach, potentially increasing its share in the competitive spirits market.

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