The tables turn: Trump’s comeback in polls sends shockwaves through Biden’s camp


In a dramatic twist in the political narrative of the United States, President Joe Biden is confronting a significant hurdle in his re-election campaign. A recent poll by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has indicated that former President Donald Trump is the favored presidential hopeful, surpassing Biden by a notable margin.

According to the WSJ report, Biden, aged 81, trails Trump, 77, by four percentage points, 47% to 43%, in a hypothetical ballot featuring only these two candidates. The situation intensifies when third-party and independent candidates enter the fray, widening Trump’s lead to six points, 37% to 31%.

The poll, conducted from November 29 to December 4, surveyed 1,500 registered voters via phone, landline, and text-to-web. The survey was a bipartisan effort, led by Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio and Democrat Michael Bocian.

Poll Shocker: Trump Takes the Lead Over Biden in Presidential Showdown

Poll Shocker: Trump Takes the Lead Over Biden in Presidential Showdown

Voter Discontent with Biden’s Policies

A concerning aspect for the Biden administration is the apparent dissatisfaction among voters regarding his policies. The WSJ poll revealed that only 23% of voters felt positively impacted by Biden’s agenda, while a significant 53% believed they were adversely affected. Furthermore, Biden’s job performance approval stands at a mere 37%, with his overall image unfavorably viewed by 61% of voters, marking a record high in disapproval.

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In contrast, approximately half of the voters surveyed expressed that Trump’s policies had been beneficial to them personally, with over 37% reporting adverse effects.

Rising Economic Concerns and Electoral Implications

The upcoming election’s focal point remains the state of the American economy, with two-thirds of voters rating it as poor or not good. The economic downturn during Biden’s tenure has become a central issue, with two-thirds of the surveyed voters believing the economy has worsened over the past two years.

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This sentiment is especially pronounced among young voters, with less than a third under 35 years old viewing the economy positively. Michael Bocian, the Democrat pollster, noted Biden’s dwindling support among young, Black, and Latino voters, attributing it to economic pressures. However, Bocian remains optimistic about Biden’s ability to reassemble his coalition before the elections.

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Aimee Kozlowski, a resident of Goffstown, New Hampshire, voiced her preference for Trump’s economic handling, citing the adverse impact of inflation on her gymnastics facility.

The poll’s findings have sent shockwaves through the political arena, raising questions about Biden’s electoral prospects and Trump’s potential return. With the election a year away, the political landscape appears primed for an intense and closely watched presidential race.

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