ThalesNano to launch new heterogeneous chemical reactor and multiwavelength photoreactor


ThalesNano, a Hungary-based solution provider for chemists, will introduce MicroCube and the PhotoCube series at the 258th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, to be held on the 25th August 2019 in San Diego, California, US.

MicroCube is a compact reactor for ultrafast heterogeneous chemistry while the PhotoCube is designed for powerful and versatile multiwavelength photochemistry.

Leveraging ThalesNano’s CatCart technology, the MicroCube system will facilitate chemical route-scouting on microgram scale and instant feedback on reaction success.

MicroCube will enable safe and easy gas-liquid or gas-liquid-solid phase catalytic reactions, with the use of 12-50 mg catalyst amounts, from room temperature to 130°C and from atmospheric pressure to 50 bar.

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The handheld instrument is designed for sensitive reactions performance without the use of gloveboxes.

ThalesNano to launch new heterogeneous chemical reactor and multiwavelength photoreactor

ThalesNano to launch new heterogeneous chemical reactor and multiwavelength photoreactor. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Gergely Darvas – CEO, ThalesNano said: “We are proud to launch the MicroCube™, a cutting edge new instrument for repeated 0.1-2 milligram samples’ synthesis.

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“The system works in a similar fashion to an automatic pipette and opens up solutions unprecedented on the market.”

With multicolor and UV LEDs options, the PhotoCube will help the users to apply up to 7+1 wavelengths even at the same time and to cover a broad range of chemical applications.

The photoreactor with multiple configurations can be applied to a diverse set of batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR photochemical reactions.

Alex Drijver – CEO of ComInnex, sister concern of ThalesNano, said: “These reactors make photochemistry accessible to everyone.

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“The compact and flexible design is combined with high performance, which makes this modular product series unique.

“Reactions can be carried out in the same instrument with a range of UV to red lights in an effective and easy manner.”

ThalesNano will also display its other new products at the San Diego Convention Centre, including Back Pressure Module 300, Dual Channel Gas Module and FlowReact.

The company has a portfolio of over 1400 products, which are used by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, and petroleum/biofuel industries worldwide.

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