Testicular Cancer symptoms and signs you should never ignore

Many men and youngsters are dying across the world because of testicular cancer as they are not aware of the testicular cancer symptoms and signs and ignore them.

Here in this post, we bring you four signs and symptoms of testicular cancer which who should not ignore and this post is to bring awareness among people.

The doctors say that it is important for men and they should get their testicles checked regularly. They say that men should know about the risks about the testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer signs:

Check out the signs of testicular cancer and if you find anything odd, consult your doctor immediately.

Lump or swelling in the Testicle:

Lump or swelling in the testicles is the most common symptom of the testicular cancer and the lump can be small as the size of the pea or often larger. The person can also find the difference between the two testicles if there is a lump in anyone of them.

Cancer Cells photo

Cancer Cells. Photo courtesy of dream designs/Freedigitalphotos.net.

So, gently feel each testicle individually to check for lumps. Don’t feel panic if you feel lumps in testicle because only four percent of the lumps are only cancerous. But you need to check it out to stay safe.

Heavy Scrotum

It is natural for one testicle to be slightly larger or hang lower than the other one. But if you find any major and noticeable difference in size or weight on one side, it may indicate that something is suspicious.

Pain in testicle or scrotum

Generally testicular cancer is not painful but if you experience a sharp pain in your testicles or scrotum, you need to check the doctor immediately as the sharp pain in the balls is the first indicator and sign for testicular cancer for one in five patients.

Changes in shape and texture

You have to check your testicles regularly to find any changes in shape or texture.

Testicular cancer symptoms

Check out the other symptoms of testicular cancer below if the cancer has spread to other parts.

If there is testicular cancer and if it has spread to lymph glands in other parts of the body, the person may experience a backache, pain in lower tummy and also presence of lumps in the neck and collar bone.

The person will experience difficulty and breathing and will have cough if the testicular cancer has spread to the lungs.

If the testicular cancer spread to the lymph nodes in the centre of the chest, between the lungs, the person may experience difficulty in swallowing and also can find a swelling in the chest. As the cancer can produce hormones, it can also lead to tender or swollen breasts.

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