Is war on the horizon? North Korea’s missile launch raises alarm bells


In a shocking turn of events late Monday, North Korea blasted two ballistic missiles into the ocean off its east coast, according to Reuters, citing a statement from the South Korean military. The audacious launch sent shivers down the spines of global observers, coming hot on the heels of a US nuclear-powered submarine docking in South Korea.

Japan’s defence ministry confirmed the fear-inducing incident, suggesting the possibility that not just one but multiple missiles were catapulted into the air by the isolated regime. Japanese media echoed these startling claims, citing an anonymous government source.

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The world now watches with bated breath as tensions on the Korean peninsula reach a boiling point. South Korea and the United States have been pumping up their military readiness, escalating the proverbial chess game against North Korea’s unyielding weapons program. North Korea, never one to back down, has reacted with fiery fury, warning that such a deployment could spark their use of nuclear weapons.

Tensions rise as North Korea fires ballistic missiles following US submarine's arrival

Tensions rise as North Korea fires ballistic missiles following US submarine’s arrival. Image courtesy of David Peterson from Pixabay.

Earlier on the fateful Monday, a US submarine, powered by nuclear energy, slipped into a naval base on South Korea’s southern island of Jeju. This ominous vessel, on an unspecified mission, was reported to be loading military supplies, according to the South Korean navy. The dice had been thrown, the game was in play.

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Over the weekend, North Korea had rattled the world’s nerves, sending a barrage of cruise missiles into the sea off its west coast. Last week, in another provocative move, North Korea conducted ballistic missile tests, following the arrival of a nuclear-armed US submarine at a South Korean port. This was the first time such a submarine had made its presence known since the tension-soaked 1980s.

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The world is on edge as this high-stakes game of cat and mouse continues to unfold. How will the international community react to North Korea’s latest missile launch? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates on this rapidly escalating situation.

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