TCS roped in as digital partner by Japanese retailer Cainz

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been roped in by Japanese home improvement retailer Cainz Corporation to speed up its digital transformation, enhance customer experience, and propel growth.

Cainz has 226 stores spread in 28 prefectures across Japan. In its goal to become an IT-empowered retail company, Cainz will work with Tata Consultancy Services to implement digital initiatives such as the agile development of Find in Cainz, which is a mobile app that allows customers and store employees to find the locations and availability of the products within the store.

Naoki Iketeru — Chief Digital Officer of Cainz Corporation said: “Against the backdrop of acute IT talent shortages spurred by Japan’s declining population, there is burgeoning demand for retailers to digitalize in response to the rapid diversification of consumer behaviors. It is thus critical that we strengthen our ability to deliver digital solutions with agility and flexibility, and this requires us to open our sights to global talent and expertise.

“TCS has partnered in our digital journey from the early stages, starting with application development, and demonstrated not only an understanding of our business, but also global expertise backed by deep domain knowledge and a proven track record. This has all contributed to the decision to establish this dedicated development center.”

Tata Consultancy Services roped in as digital partner by Japanese home improvement retailer Cainz

Tata Consultancy Services roped in as digital partner by Japanese home improvement retailer Cainz. Photo courtesy of Mr.W/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA 4.0

According to Tata Consultancy Services, the partnership is now being increased to enable collaboration initiatives at Cainz’ new global development center which is being set by the company.

At the new center, the Indian IT services provider will utilize its deep contextual and domain expertise alongside global best practices. Using these, Tata Consultancy Services will help Cainz speed up agile development of digital solutions for further improving customer experiences across different channels such as POS, EC, CRM, and even in-store software.

Shankar Narayanan — Tata Consultancy Services Business Group Head of Retail Cluster said: “Progressive retailers are betting big on next-gen technologies to accelerate digital transformation and design hyper-personalized customer experiences.

“TCS will leverage its deep domain knowledge of the retail industry and expertise in digital technologies to help CAINZ respond to customer needs with agility, enhance competitive differentiation, and help realize their vision of becoming an ‘IT-Empowered Retail Company’.”

Recently, Tata Consultancy Services had reported a net income of $1.3 billion for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021-2022. Read more about TCS Q2 FY2022 results here.

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