Tata Consultancy Services to help CEMEX reimagine workforce experience

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been selected by Mexican building materials company CEMEX for expediting its digital transformation and enhancing employee experience for its global workforce of over 40,000.

CEMEX roped in the Indian IT firm to assist it in driving its global ‘Working Smarter’ initiative which aims to adapt to changing market requirements, improve operational resilience, and boost business agility.

Tata Consultancy Services said that it will closely work with the Mexican building materials company for the next seven years to achieve the objective with a smart workplace that is digitally enabled.

At the core of CEMEX transformation is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven human-machine collaboration suite called TCS Cognix which will integrate systems to fast track the digital journey and help reimagine workforce experience.

The first phase of the program will concentrate on simplifying, standardizing, and digitizing CEMEX’ global HR processes by the end of this year in order to generate a 360º view of the employee experience.

Tata Consultancy Services to help Mexican building materials company CEMEX reimagine workforce experience

Tata Consultancy Services to help Mexican building materials company CEMEX reimagine workforce experience. Photo courtesy of ManuelContreras1996/Wikipedia.org.

Marcelo Wurmann — CEO of TCS Latin America said: “We are delighted to partner with CEMEX in this long-term relationship. By leveraging TCS Cognix, we will harness the combinatorial power of automation, AI, and analytics to enhance employee engagement and make their HR operations resilient, adaptive, and innovative.

“We believe this will give CEMEX a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent and help them achieve their purpose-led transformation goals.”

According to Tata Consultancy Services, the projects included in the first phase are an omnichannel digital platform, customized and consistent employed experience, deploying an HR model that is flexible and scalable, and a conventional global process for all the businesses of CEMEX.

The Indian IT services provider believes that the initiative will help CEMEX to cut downtime to market, enhance processing times, boost productivity, improve the experience of its global stakeholders, and make the employee net promoter score better.

Furthermore, the initiative is anticipated to shorten recruitment turnaround time and grow satisfaction levels among job candidates, empower employees, and fuel a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Alberto de Armas — CEMEX Vice President of Organization and Human Resources said: “At CEMEX, we are committed to enrich the Workforce Experience (WEx) for all our associates worldwide.  We found the best partner for this multi-year journey in TCS for their global consultative transformation and innovation capabilities.”

In December 2021, CEMEX signed a five-year agreement with another Indian IT services provider HCL Technologies for helping with its digital transformation.

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