Subex secures strategic partnership to boost business assurance with APAC telecom operator


Subex, a provider of AI-driven solutions in telecommunications, has announced a significant deal with a top telecom operator in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, reinforcing a partnership that has thrived for over 15 years. This deal, facilitated through Subex (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, leverages Subex’s advanced Business Assurance solution built on HyperSense technology. This agreement marks a continuation of the success initiated by the ROC Revenue Assurance system, aiming to elevate the telecom operator’s standing as a technology leader in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

Enhancing Telecom Services with Advanced AI Solutions

The partnership is set to revolutionize how the telecom operator approaches business assurance, with a particular focus on enhancing service quality and delivering superior connectivity and integrated solutions, especially in the realm of 5G technology. Subex’s AI-based solutions will help the operator significantly boost its assurance capabilities, addressing a broad spectrum of risks and improving operational maturity in a landscape transformed by digital innovation.

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Addressing Complex Challenges in a Digital Ecosystem

As telecommunications services evolve, offering comprehensive bundles that include traditional and modern digital services—ranging from voice and SMS to e-commerce and content streaming—the complexity within networks also increases. This complexity brings about an intricate web of connections, dependencies, and revenue models, all of which introduce substantial risks affecting customer satisfaction, revenue integrity, and brand reputation.

Subex’s tailored AI-driven solution for the Tier 1 APAC operator is designed to manage both conventional and emerging risks in this complex network. The solution offers advanced capabilities for swift integration, management, and analysis of operations across retail and enterprise segments. This strategic approach not only supports risk management but also enhances insights into revenues, customer and partner impacts, contributing significantly to the operator’s financial top and bottom lines.

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Leadership Commentary on the Partnership

Nisha Dut, CEO of Subex, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential, stating, “Subex is thrilled to partner with the leading APAC operator on this transformative journey. Our AI-driven Business Assurance solution is set to redefine the operator’s approach to assurance and risk management. This partnership underscores our commitment to future resilience, growth, and the acceleration of innovation in the 5G era. We are honored to support the operator’s vision, ensuring their status as a trusted provider of digital solutions and fostering meaningful connected experiences for their consumers.”

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Future Outlook and Strategic Goals

This long-term collaboration is strategically poised to synchronize business and IT goals, boosting operational efficiency, and solidifying the telecom operator as a premier entity in the digital telecom domain. As the telecommunications industry continues to advance, partnerships like this are crucial for leveraging technology to maintain competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth.

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