Lineage unveils next-gen automated facility in Windsor, boosting JBS USA’s supply chain efficiency


In a major stride forward for supply chain technology, Lineage, a recognized leader in temperature-controlled industrial REIT and solutions, has marked the inauguration of its state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Windsor, Colorado. Tailor-made for JBS USA, one of the leading lights in the global food industry, this venture is set to revamp how products reach JBS customers, aligning with the latest trends in automated warehousing solutions.

Cutting-Edge Automation Meets Strategic Location

What sets this facility apart is its combination of futuristic automation with a strategic global positioning. Expanding Lineage’s impressive portfolio of automated facilities worldwide, the Windsor establishment integrates avant-garde technology, applied sciences, and groundbreaking strategies. The primary goal? Enhancing efficiency, ensuring superior food product quality during storage, and taking significant strides in reducing both energy consumption and food waste. Such advancements translate to considerable cost savings for JBS over the long run.

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Lineage’s CEO, Greg Lehmkuhl, expressed immense satisfaction, stating, “Our collaboration with JBS and the Windsor community over the past year has borne fruit in the form of this advanced facility, elevating JBS’s supply chain prowess.”

Redefining Cold Storage with State-of-the-Art Technology

The warehouse’s unique design emphasizes energy efficiency, optimizing space usage, and infusing automation into tasks like loading, unloading, and storage. This isn’t just another cold storage facility. It comes equipped with proprietary management systems, algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and even computer vision systems. Such capabilities will act as a catalyst, helping JBS further refine and optimize its extensive supply chain.

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Wesley Batista Filho, the CEO at JBS USA, shared the enthusiasm, highlighting how the facility is poised to “deliver high-quality food products to customers with heightened efficiency, backed by next-gen technology.”

A Partnership Rooted in Innovation and Growth

This monumental project, which began in April 2022, is the fruit of collaboration between Lineage, JBS, the Town of Windsor, and Upstate Colorado Economic Development. Encompassing a massive 200,000 square feet and boasting over 20,000 pallet positions, this initiative represents an investment surpassing $100 million and has been instrumental in creating approximately 70 new job opportunities.

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