Streamplay Studio expands partnership with Digicel Pacific to venture into Vanuatu


Streamplay Studio Limited (ASX: SP8), renowned for its competitive casual gaming, eSports tech, music streaming, and telecommunication value-added services, is set to amplify its strategic collaboration with Digicel Pacific. The focus of this partnership is the Pacific Islands, and Streamplay is gearing up to introduce its high-end services, mJams Music and mGames, to Vanuatu’s thriving market.

Vanuatu’s Digital Landscape:

Vanuatu boasts a population of approximately 335,000, characterized by a mobile penetration of around 103% and an internet penetration of roughly 33%. Such statistics indicate a ripe market, presenting Streamplay a golden chance to introduce its array of services, namely Music Streaming, Competitive Gaming, and VAS products, to a potentially loyal and interactive audience in Vanuatu.

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Marketing Initiatives & Phased Rollouts:

In its commitment to this partnership, Streamplay is investing heavily in a marketing campaign designed to promote mJams Music and mGames to Digicel Pacific’s subscribers in Vanuatu. The execution strategy comprises a staged rollout— with mJams Music launching soon and mGames following suit a month later.

Empowering Local Vanuatu Talent:

A significant part of this initiative emphasizes local Vanuatu talent. Streamplay plans to collaborate with local musicians and artists by granting them special access to the mJams Music platform. This move will allow these artists to share their music more extensively, both within Vanuatu and throughout the Pacific region. Furthermore, Streamplay is committed to promoting these artists via various marketing strategies, increasing their visibility and outreach.

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The company encourages local content creators to step up and join this transformative journey. By partnering with Streamplay and Digicel Pacific, these artists stand to benefit from a robust distribution channel, promotional backup, and a chance to showcase their distinct skills on a larger platform.

Future Plans and Revenue Generation:

Both Streamplay and Digicel Pacific exude excitement about this collaborative journey, aiming to offer premium digital entertainment while simultaneously championing local talent and promoting Vanuatu’s cultural richness. Discussions about extending their products to a broader Digicel Pacific audience in the Pacific region are already in motion.

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As for the revenue projections from this agreement, while specific numbers remain uncertain, Streamplay emphasizes the significance of this partnership with Digicel Pacific due to its vast potential.

In the words of Bert Mondello, Chairman of Streamplay Studio:

“This marks another significant milestone in our partnership with Digicel Pacific as we tap into the vibrant and growing digital entertainment market in Vanuatu. We eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration with Digicel and our expansion into the broader Pacific region.”

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