Steel fabricator Division 5 acquires Structural Steel of Carolina

Division 5, a structural steel fabricator based in Winston, Georgia, has acquired Structural Steel of Carolina (SSC), a structural steel fabrication company that specializes in education, industrial, and healthcare applications.

Established in 1907, Structural Steel of Carolina (formerly Salem Steel) is an AISC Certified Fabricator, which operates steel fabrication plants across Central and Western North Carolina. The company offers a variety of design, engineering, and fabrication services to the North CarolinaSouthern Virginia and Northern South Carolina regions.

On the other hand, Division 5 is a portfolio company of Applied Invest (formerly Garden Growth Capital), the investment arm of Applied Value Group.

Jim Brewer – co-owner of Structural Steel of Carolina said: “As a family business, we were always looking for ways to guarantee SSC’s continued success for future generations.

“We believe our partnership with Division 5 will create opportunities for our employees and our new, combined company while allowing us to continue providing excellent customer service to customers, new and old.”

The acquisition for Division 5 is said to mark a considerable expansion in opportunity and capacity. After integration, the combined structural steel fabrication company will have more than 350,000 square feet of fabrication space along with 75,000 annual tons of capacity, to put it among the leading ten largest structural steel fabricators in the US.

Division 5 said that its core warehouse business is well placed to benefit from the growing e-commerce demand, and on top of that Structural Steel of Carolina’s integration will also give it access to new customers and markets.

Steel fabricator Division 5 acquires Structural Steel of Carolina

Steel fabricator Division 5 acquires Structural Steel of Carolina. Photo courtesy of Alicja_ from Pixabay.

Structural Steel of Carolina will join Division 5 with an experienced team made up of managers to create a new power-player boasting of unparalleled capacity, expertise, and reach in the market.

Max Sultan – Lead Director with Division 5 said: “We’re extremely proud to have SSC join the Division 5 and Applied Invest family. SSC has strong roots and a bright future, and we’re excited to work with the incredible management team that Jim and Mary Brewer have built.

“SSC is a trusted partner to its customers and has a longstanding legacy that we are honored to join and uphold.”

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