Sojitz launches demand-based transportation services in Yotsukaido

Sojitz Corporation said that it has started demand-based transportation services in Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan through Green Slow Mobility (Choisoko Gurisuro Yotsukaido).

The Japanese conglomerate had won a contract from Yotsukaido City to carry out a trial bus service with its electric vehicles, that can travel at 20km/h speeds.

According to Sojitz, the service is the first in Japan to combine Aisin’s Choisoko system, which is a demand-driven shared transportation model, with Green Slow Mobility.

Sojitz said that the transportation services will be offered from stops in certain residential areas to neighborhood destinations like supermarkets, pharmacies, bus stops, and other local service spots.

Sojitz launches demand-based transportation services in Yotsukaido

Sojitz launches demand-based transportation services in Yotsukaido. Photo courtesy of Sojitz Corporation.

Green Slow Mobility services will encourage communication inside the vehicle and beyond, which will help in revitalizing the local community, said Sojitz.

As part of the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) service, Choisoko Gurisuro Yotsukaido will also offer first and last mile solutions to local residents, and aid in decarbonizing the region.

Depending on the needs of users and the boarding and alighting information obtained from its transport business, Sojitz will leverage its expansive network as a general trading firm alongside the latest IT technology to provide new transport services to both goods and people.

Through these initiatives, Sojitz will help to create a business platform for the revival of the region and fast track expansion of transport services based on demand to other regions across Japan.

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