Shocking turn in US-Saudi relations: Gaetz’s bold move four years after NAS Pensacola tragedy


In a landmark move that shakes the foundations of US-Saudi relations, Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced the “Saudi Arabia December 6, 2019, Anti-Terror and Accountability Act.” This groundbreaking legislation, introduced exactly four years after the horrific NAS Pensacola terror attack, aims to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for its alleged role in aiding and abetting the attack, providing a beacon of hope and justice for the victims and their families.

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The Horrific NAS Pensacola Attack: A Day of Infamy

Four years ago, the nation was shaken to its core when Saudi national Mohammed Alshamrani unleashed terror at NAS Pensacola, brutally killing three U.S. Navy sailors and wounding eight others. Alshamrani, enrolled in a Pentagon-sponsored training program, exploited this access to execute his heinous act, spotlighting severe lapses in international military exchange programs.

Historic Legislation Unveiled: Seeking Justice for NAS Pensacola Victims Against Saudi Arabia

Historic Legislation Unveiled: Seeking Justice for NAS Pensacola Victims Against Saudi Arabia

Gaetz’s Legislation: A Turning Point in International Accountability

The proposed bill by Rep. Gaetz is a bold statement against state-sponsored terrorism. It includes critical provisions such as ending support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, halting military officer-exchange programs with Saudi Arabia, and prohibiting weapons exports to the Kingdom. Additionally, it authorizes victims of the NAS Pensacola attack to seek damages, marking a significant shift in holding nations accountable for their roles in terrorism.

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A Call for Justice and Remembrance

Last month, in a heartfelt appeal to President Joe Biden, Rep. Gaetz called for the establishment of a National Day of Remembrance for the victims of the NAS Pensacola attack. This act not only seeks justice but also memorializes the lives lost and the unhealed wounds of a nation still grappling with the aftermath of that fateful day.

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