IQGeo wins contract with US multi-service utility for geospatial software deployment


IQGeo Group plc (AIM: IQG), known for its cutting-edge geospatial software, announced a significant contract worth approximately $3 million with a major tier 1 US multi-service utility. This deal underscores IQGeo’s role in mobilizing field workflows across the utility’s electric and gas operations, serving over 5 million customers across eight states. The contract encompasses software licenses, ongoing maintenance, support, and professional services for a duration of five years.

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Innovative Geospatial Solutions for Utility Management

The newly awarded contract, a result of a highly competitive bid process, showcases IQGeo’s leading position in mobility and work execution software. The contract highlights the ability of IQGeo’s software to integrate seamlessly with the utility’s various GIS and operational data systems. This integration is pivotal in supporting complex workflows in gas and electric operations, including inspection, survey, as-built validation, and network fault tracing. The mobile solution provided by IQGeo promises to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve network data quality.

Geospatial Technology Giant IQGeo Secures Significant Contract in Utility Sector

Geospatial Technology Giant IQGeo Secures Significant Contract in Utility Sector

CEO Richard Petti on the Strategic Importance of the Contract

Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo, emphasized the significance of this project for the company. He noted the flexibility of IQGeo’s software architecture and its potential impact on the utility industry. Highlighting the complexity of electric grid and gas network field operations, Petti expressed confidence in the software’s capability to improve process efficiency across network construction and operations. He also pointed out the burgeoning investment in the utility sector as it moves towards meeting net-zero carbon objectives, positioning IQGeo favorably to capitalize on this trend.

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