Shocking drone strike tragedy: 85 civilians killed in Nigeria’s Kaduna state


In a shocking and tragic incident, 85 civilians were ruthlessly killed in Tudun Biri village, Kaduna State, Nigeria, after a devastating army drone strike. The residents, engrossed in the joyous celebrations of the Maulud festival, faced an unexpected nightmare when the drone, meant for armed groups, mistakenly unleashed its fury on them.

Death and Despair at a Festival

The heart-wrenching scene unfolded on Tuesday, Dec 5, as the villagers, predominantly women, children, and the elderly, were immersed in the festival’s festivities. The army’s admission of this disastrous mistake has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and beyond. Residents recounted the horror, stating that the death toll has tragically risen to 85, with many more injured.

Horrific Accident: Nigerian Army Drone Mistakenly Kills 85 in Festival Celebration

Horrific Accident: Nigerian Army Drone Mistakenly Kills 85 in Festival Celebration

President Tinubu’s Swift Call for Investigation

In response to this calamitous event, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has ordered an immediate and thorough investigation. The president’s statement expressed deep sorrow and outrage over this tragic loss of life, emphasizing the urgent need for answers and accountability.

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A History of Military Missteps

This horrifying incident isn’t the first time Nigerian armed forces’ airstrikes have tragically gone awry. In the past, similar military operations have led to the unintended deaths of civilians, including a heartbreaking incident in 2017 where over 100 people perished at a camp in Rann, and another in 2021 where 20 fishermen were mistakenly targeted.

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Local Reactions to the Unthinkable Tragedy

Idris Dahiru, a local resident, spoke to AFP about the horrifying moment the drone struck. He described the chaotic scene of rushing to help the first bomb’s victims, only for a second bomb to compound the tragedy. Dahiru lost numerous family members in this unspeakable disaster, a grim testament to the human cost of this calamitous mistake.

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