Roche and Hitachi High-Tech strengthen partnership with a renewed 10-year agreement


Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have announced a significant extension of their partnership, solidifying at least another decade of collaboration in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. This renewal builds on a long-standing relationship that has consistently delivered groundbreaking medical technologies and innovations.

Decades of Collaborative Success in Diagnostics

Since their initial collaboration in 1978, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have revolutionized the diagnostics industry. Their joint efforts have led to the creation of the world’s first multi-channel analyzer and the automation of immunology testing, among other innovations. These advancements have dramatically enhanced the capabilities of clinical labs and healthcare systems worldwide, enabling faster and more reliable patient care.

Palani Kumaresan, Head of Roche Diagnostic Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm about the renewed agreement: “I am delighted that with this new agreement, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech can continue to push the boundaries of medical technology and transform patient care. Together, we have built an unrivalled installed base of more than 84,000 diagnostic platforms around the globe. This brings both speed and scale to testing for our customers, helping them to better serve patients’ needs.”

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Taku Sakazume, Executive Officer and Head of Diagnostic System Business at Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, also highlighted the future-focused nature of this partnership: “The renewal of this agreement demonstrates both companies’ commitment to the future of the global diagnostics market. We look forward to continuing to work together to further expand the utility of in-vitro diagnostics in healthcare.”

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Expanding Global Impact and Innovations

The partnership between Roche and Hitachi High-Tech currently supports the performance of more than 21 billion tests annually on systems developed through their collaboration. With the renewal of their partnership, this number is expected to grow, along with the introduction of new diagnostic technologies and innovations.

Later this year, the partnership is set to introduce new analytical units, including the cobas c 703 and cobas ISE neo for cobas pro integrated solutions. These developments aim to increase testing capacity for labs and provide more accurate and timely diagnoses for millions of patients globally. Furthermore, the impending launch of the cobas Mass Spec solution will integrate fully-automated mass spectrometry into routine lab workflows, broadening the accessibility of this gold standard technology in clinical applications.

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Commitment to Sustainability and Efficiency

Roche and Hitachi High-Tech are not only focused on innovation but also on sustainability. Their new generation systems are designed to reduce plastic waste by up to 80 percent, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility within the diagnostics field.

The extended collaboration is poised to continue delivering significant advancements in in-vitro diagnostics, supporting clinicians in decision-making processes and enabling access to rapid, reliable diagnostics necessary for improving global health outcomes.

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