Reveleer rakes in $65m to transform value-based healthcare with AI technology


In a strategic push to bolster the landscape of value-based healthcare, Reveleer, a pioneer in AI-powered healthcare technology, data, and analytics, announced a landmark financing round, successfully raising over $65 million. Led by Hercules Capital, Inc., this significant investment marks a critical milestone for Reveleer, propelling the company into a new phase of growth aimed at revolutionizing sustainable value-based care for health plans and risk-bearing providers through cutting-edge technology.

The infusion of new capital is set to strategically position Reveleer to explore and seize inorganic growth opportunities within the realm of value-based care technology. Jay Ackerman, CEO and President of Reveleer, emphasized the transformative potential of this funding, stating, “This funding will have a tremendous impact as it positions us to strategically pursue inorganic growth opportunities in value-based-care technology, accelerating innovation and enhancing patient care through healthcare AI technology.” Ackerman’s vision underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging AI to streamline operations, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate the pace of innovation in healthcare.

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The support from Hercules Capital, Inc., highlights the growing confidence in Reveleer’s approach to healthcare innovation. Andrew Adams, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Oak HC/FT, praised the company’s consistent growth and its role in advancing automation and improved clinical outcomes across the healthcare sector. Furthermore, Tom Hertzberg, Managing Director at Hercules Capital, Inc., highlighted the importance of backing Reveleer’s efforts to address critical challenges facing both payers and providers, such as managing clinical data, optimizing workflows, and bridging care gaps.

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Reveleer’s growth strategy includes significant acquisitions like Dynamic Healthcare Systems in 2022 and MDPortals in 2023. These strategic moves have expanded Reveleer’s capabilities, integrating member management, revenue optimization, HCC Analytics, and prospective risk platforms. Such acquisitions are pivotal in advancing Reveleer’s value-based care objectives, including proactively addressing care gaps, enhancing patient outcomes, and optimizing financial performance.

With the latest capital investment, Reveleer is poised to further expand its comprehensive offerings for payers and providers. The company’s suite of solutions, including Prospective Risk Adjustment, Quality Improvement, and Member Management, has become the choice for leading national payers and value-based care providers. Through its innovative use of NLP and AI, Reveleer empowers healthcare plans to independently manage and execute critical aspects of their operations, from enrollment and provider outreach to data retrieval and submissions.

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Reveleer stands at the forefront of a transformative shift in healthcare, driven by its dedication to leveraging technology to enhance the quality of care. The company’s continued momentum and strategic expansion underscore the potential of AI and analytics to reshape the healthcare industry, delivering value and improved outcomes for patients and providers alike.

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