Renewable Energy Group opens first biofuel station in Seneca, Illinois

Renewable Energy Group, a US-based advanced biofuel producer, has opened its first diesel fueling station in Seneca, Illinois.

The round-the-clock, fully-automated station will serve biodiesel blended fuel to diesel customers from trucking fleets to local diesel vehicle owners.

Cynthia Warner – REG President & CEO said: “This diesel fueling station is another example of how REG is moving fuel forward by expanding our capabilities.

“It gives us another avenue of getting our high quality, clean fuel to new and existing customers.”

Renewable Energy Group started construction on the new fueling station earlier this year, to offer cleaner fueling options to diesel customers in Seneca.

Renewable Energy Group opens first biofuel station in Seneca, Illinois

Renewable Energy Group opens first biofuel station in Seneca, Illinois. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

The low carbon diesel for the fuelling station will be supplied by REG Seneca, a 60 million gallon-per-year biorefinery located adjacent to the fueling station.

Currently operating with 53 employees, the REG Seneca refinery has been producing biodiesel for over a decade. REG Seneca also provides hundreds of other jobs indirectly in agriculture, transportation, and energy sectors.

By purchasing feedstocks, the REG Seneca biorefinery also adds nearly $75 million into the Illinois economy.

In 2018, biodiesel produced by REG Seneca resulted in the reduction of nearly 556,000 metric tons of CO2 compared to those emitted from the burning of petroleum diesel.

Gary Haer – REG Seneca sales and marketing vice president said: “More than 17,000 trucks go through REG Seneca each year.

“We are thrilled that those who help support our industry and the local community can fuel their vehicles right here at this station.”

By transforming renewable resources into high-quality, cleaner fuels, Renewable Energy Group is among the frontrunners in the energy industry transition to sustainability.

As North America’s major biodiesel producer, the company utilizes an integrated procurement, distribution, and logistics network to operate 14 biorefineries in the US and Europe. Last year, Renewable Energy Group produced 502 million gallons of cleaner fuel.

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