Reloj del Sol wind farm : EDPR commissions 209MW project in Texas

EDP Renewables (EDPR) said that its 209MW Reloj del Sol wind farm, built in Texas with an investment of around $293 million, has entered into commercial operations.

The Spanish renewable energy company constructed the wind farm through its EDP Renewables North America, outside of San Ygnacio in Zapata County.

The Reloj del Sol wind farm will generate enough electricity to meet the power consumption needs of over 45,000 households in Texas. Its construction involved 101 jobs while its operations have created 10 permanent roles.

According to EDPR, the wind farm in Zapata County is projected to provide local governments with about $36 million in direct payments and $100 million in payments to landowners right through its lifetime.

EDPR commissions the 209MW Reloj del Sol wind farm in Texas

EDPR commissions the 209MW Reloj del Sol wind farm in Texas. Photo courtesy of edp renewables.

The Reloj del Sol wind farm is also expected to save over 372 million gallons of water each year that would otherwise be consumed for the cooling of conventional power plants.

With the inclusion of the current project, EDPR’s Texas portfolio has a total of 909MW from five wind farms. The energy produced by EDPR’s wind farms in Texas can collectively power up to nearly 236,000 homes.

Currently, EDP Renewables North America is constructing the 200MW Wildcat Creek Wind Farm in Cooke County, Texas.

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