Recruiting software firm Bullhorn buys cube19 business intelligence platform


Bullhorn, a -based cloud computing company that offers software for the staffing industry, has acquired cube19 for an undisclosed price.

cube19 is a business intelligence platform that has also been a partner of Marketplace. The company also provides the Bullhorn platform with analytics and reporting solutions.

Dan McGuire — founder and CEO of cube19 said: “When we started cube19, we set out to transform the way staffing companies operated and I’m incredibly proud of how the cube19 team has turned that vision into reality.

“Since we became a Marketplace partner in 2013, we’ve had tremendous success helping Bullhorn customers achieve highly scalable growth and we’re all very excited to join the Bullhorn team as we continue that mission together.”

said that the acquisition is the latest major investment by the firm in enabling staffing agencies worldwide in their in an era of digitization.

According to the recruiting software firm, its combination with Cube19’s analytics suites will provide business executives and operational leaders with real-time, actionable insights to enable them to achieve growth that is highly scalable.

cube19’s solutions are said to have been designed specifically to give dynamic, activity-level metrics that can be used to handle at all levels of an organisation. Its highly usable and user-friendly interface is said to make it easy to produce powerful reports for non-technical users. This improves performance on the frontlines and also offers macro-level insights which help leaders make better business choices.

By allowing staffing firms to increase their revenue rapidly while increasing their costs more slowly, cube19 is said to facilitate growth that is highly scalable. In addition to that, cube19’s products are designed specifically for staffing companies that employ the. platform.

stated that cube19’s acquisition comes at a crucial moment in the evolution of the as a whole and addresses a major requirement among the top staffing executives.

Matt Fischer — president and COO of said: “This joining of our companies feels very right in large part due to the amazing culture that Dan and his team have built, and how well it aligns with Bullhorn’s focus on creating an incredible customer experience.

“The cube19 team builds analytics products that customers love and pair those with excellent service, and I know they’ll fit in perfectly at Bullhorn.”

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