RACE Eco Chain champions equitable clean energy in India at COP28


As the global community gathers at COP28 in Dubai, RACE Eco Chain Ltd., a leader in waste lifecycle management, has emerged as a strong advocate for India’s vision of an equitable clean energy transition. This commitment underscores the urgent need for a fair approach to the global shift towards renewable energy, particularly addressing the challenges of the Global South.

India’s Advocacy for Flexibility in Fossil Fuel Transition

India’s stance at COP28, championing flexibility in moving away from fossil fuels, resonates with RACE Eco Chain’s values. The company’s innovative solutions aim to overcome barriers to renewable energy adoption in developing countries, a key step in advancing India’s energy agenda.

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Innovative Waste Management Solutions

RACE Eco Chain Ltd. offers a comprehensive AI and Blockchain-based waste management system. This technology ensures traceability from waste collection to disposal, aligning with India’s goals of resource optimization, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

RACE Eco Chain Advocates for Fair Clean Energy Transition at Global COP28 Summit

RACE Eco Chain Advocates for Fair Clean Energy Transition at Global COP28 Summit

Addressing Financial Hurdles in Clean Energy for Developing Nations

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by developing countries in adopting clean energy, RACE Eco Chain is focused on reducing costs and enhancing the feasibility of renewable energy solutions. This approach is crucial for countries like India, striving for energy security and sustainable growth.

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Advocating for Equitable Global Commitment

The company stands in solidarity with India, calling for a reevaluation of global commitments to recognize the disparities between developed and developing nations. RACE Eco Chain’s mission extends to empowering nations in their sustainable development journey.

Management’s Vision for Sustainable Future

RACE Eco Chain Ltd.’s management emphasizes the need for a balanced approach considering the resource constraints of growing countries. As COP28 unites the world for a sustainable tomorrow, the company commits to driving India towards a future where environmental sustainability and economic progress coexist.

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