Polestar 4 elevates autonomous driving with Luminar LiDAR and Mobileye Chauffeur integration


Polestar, a cutting-edge automotive brand, is collaborating with Luminar and Mobileye, leaders in automotive technology and autonomous driving solutions, to integrate Luminar’s next-generation LiDAR technology with Mobileye’s Chauffeur platform into the Polestar 4. This integration is poised to enhance the safety and autonomous driving capabilities of the vehicle.

Announced in August, the Polestar 4 is slated to be the first production car to feature Mobileye Chauffeur, augmented with Luminar’s LiDAR. This synergy aims to facilitate eyes-off, point-to-point autonomous driving on highways, and eyes-on automated driving in other environments.

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Advanced Technology for Enhanced Safety and Autonomy

The Polestar 4 will be equipped with three Mobileye EyeQ6 processors, a front-facing LiDAR from Luminar, and Mobileye’s front-facing imaging radar. This combination of advanced technology is expected to enable a new level of eyes-off, hands-off driving experience.

LiDAR technology, which utilizes lasers to create detailed 3D maps of the environment, is crucial in this integration. Luminar’s LiDAR, known for its high wavelength and chip-level engineering, is set to significantly enhance the performance and safety capabilities in production cars.

Luminar and Mobileye Join Forces in Polestar 4 for Advanced Autonomous Driving Capabilities

Luminar and Mobileye Join Forces in Polestar 4 for Advanced Autonomous Driving Capabilities. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Deepening Partnerships and Future Outlook

This integration strengthens the existing partnership between Luminar and Mobileye and expands Luminar’s collaboration with Polestar, first announced in January 2023. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, highlighted the advancement of Polestar 4 with Mobileye’s SuperVision ADAS and the anticipated expansion with Mobileye Chauffeur, further enhanced by Luminar’s LiDAR.

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Prof. Amnon Shashua, CEO of Mobileye, emphasized the importance of combining SuperVision with a redundant perception system featuring Luminar LiDAR for true accuracy and autonomous driving foundation.

Austin Russell, CEO of Luminar, expressed excitement about transitioning the collaboration with Mobileye from R&D to production in Polestar, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a safer and autonomous future.

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