Pix acquires View Labs to enhance real estate visualization capabilities


Pix, a pioneering force in real estate visualization, has announced its acquisition of View Labs’ assets, marking a significant expansion in its suite of digital offerings. This acquisition includes patents and rights to cutting-edge technologies such as 360° Video, Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR), Aerial Tours, Sizzle Reels, and 360° Meet video conferencing.

Details of the Deal:

View Labs, known for its innovative video and digital solutions, has been at the forefront of developing proprietary tools that enhance 3D visualization capabilities since its inception in 2016. Their technologies have set new standards in creating interactive, high-quality virtual environments that significantly outpace existing solutions in terms of quality and speed. This strategic acquisition by Pix will integrate these advanced tools into its existing portfolio, enriching the scope of visualization services they offer to industries like real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology, and enterprise services.

Technological Advancements and Industry Impact:

The assets acquired from View Labs will allow Pix to create all-encompassing digital worlds that blur the lines between reality and virtual experiences, developing hyper-realistic, interactive environments. The incorporation of View Labs’ robotic camera technology and AVR enhances Pix’s ability to visualize ‘what-is’ in addition to ‘what could be’, a foundational element of their services noted by Pix CEO, Glenn Petillo. “By acquiring the View Labs assets, we substantially broaden our offerings to visualize the built world,” said Petillo. He emphasized the potential of visual technologies in transforming how businesses and consumers make informed decisions and interact with digital content.

Pix Enhances Real Estate Visualization with Strategic Acquisition of View Labs

Pix Enhances Real Estate Visualization with Strategic Acquisition of View Labs

Pix’s Vision and Future Directions:

Founded by a team of real estate veterans and virtual reality pioneers, Pix (formally known as Pavonis Property Immersion Xperience, Inc.) has continually strived to revolutionize the way businesses utilize 3D virtual experiences. The integration of View Labs’ technologies will further enhance Pix’s capability to deliver solutions that not only meet business objectives but also offer significant return on investment. The unique Pix platform, which combines 3D Virtual Reality Models, Renderings, and Property Videos with embedded video chat, live feeds, data visualization, and AI capabilities, is set to transform the real estate and related industries dramatically.

The acquisition of View Labs by Pix represents a pivotal development in the visualization technology landscape, particularly for the real estate sector. This merger not only enhances Pix’s technological offerings but also sets a new industry standard for how visualization technologies can be integrated and utilized to enhance user engagement and business efficiency. As the demand for more sophisticated visualization tools grows, Pix is well-positioned to lead the market with its expanded capabilities.

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