PCM Trials to enhance decentralized clinical trials with EmVenio Research acquisition


In a significant move to advance decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), Denver-based PCM Trials, the leading independent provider of mobile research nurse visits for DCTs, has announced the acquisition of EmVenio Research, a pioneer in community-based clinical trial sites served with mobile research units, based in Durham, North Carolina. This strategic acquisition is set to transform the landscape of clinical research by bolstering PCM Trials’ and EmVenio’s capabilities in recruiting and retaining diverse populations for clinical studies, a critical factor for regulatory approval.

The acquisition, effective immediately, marks a milestone in the efforts to create a more inclusive and accessible clinical trial ecosystem. By integrating EmVenio’s extensive network of mobile research sites, PCM Trials significantly expands its reach into underrepresented patient populations in communities previously considered hard to access. This collaboration is poised to address the longstanding issue of minority underrepresentation in clinical trials, a concern repeatedly voiced by regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

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Historical data has highlighted a stark disparity in clinical trial participation among different ethnic groups. For instance, African Americans, who represent 13.4% of the U.S. population, have only accounted for about 5% of trial participants, with even more significant gaps observed among Hispanic and Latin origin populations. The combined efforts of PCM Trials and EmVenio aim to bridge these gaps by leveraging a unique recruitment and visit model that caters specifically to the needs of these underrepresented communities.

EmVenio’s track record of contracting 25 studies across various therapeutic areas and activating 63 mobile sites across the U.S. and the U.K. underscores its commitment to diversity, showcasing a patient demographic reach far exceeding industry averages. With an impressive patient retention rate of 96.9%, EmVenio has already set new benchmarks in the field.

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The acquisition is a testament to PCM Trials’ and EmVenio’s shared vision of minimizing barriers to clinical trial participation. By bringing research opportunities directly to patients’ homes or nearby mobile units, they are eliminating logistical challenges and making it significantly easier for diverse patient groups to participate in crucial research studies.

This acquisition follows PCM Trials’ recent acquisition of Netherlands-based Clinical Trial Service (CTS), further cementing its status as a global leader in providing local access to clinical research. With these strategic moves, PCM Trials is not only expanding its service offerings but also reinforcing its commitment to fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and patient-centric clinical trial landscape.

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This acquisition represents a transformative step forward in addressing the critical need for diversity in clinical trials. By combining PCM Trials’ innovative approach to mobile research nursing with EmVenio’s robust network of community-based sites, the partnership is uniquely positioned to make clinical trials more accessible and equitable. This will not only improve the quality and relevance of clinical research but also ensure that new medical treatments are effective across a broader spectrum of the population.

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