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Our online Yoga introduction class will give you a list of yoga health benefits and have the yoga types explained for you in this as compiled from yoga gurus.

Though yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy, it has gained popularity in recent times mainly due to its immense health benefits especially physical wellness and fitness. Not many people are aware that physical fitness is just a part of Yoga. In fact, it is essential to remain physically fit to take advantage of the overall benefit of yoga practice. Modern yoga practitioners, yogis or yoga gurus have developed slightly different variations of this ancient science to suit modern lifestyle. This has been welcomed by masses as Yoga is no longer an art or science practiced only by ascetics.

What is Yoga?

The word “Yoga” is a slightly westernized form of the word “Yog” which has been derived from the Sanskrit root word “Yuj” that means “to join “ or union of two or more things. The union of man’s will with the will of the almighty. The union of mind, body and soul to God. Yoga is a complete philosophy that focuses on our overall mental and physical well being so that we can connect with God from our inner self. According to yoga, physical fitness is a means to attain the higher purpose of life. Yogic postures or asanas and other yogic exercises are just the preparation for attaining that purpose. However, the modern world considers yoga as a set of exercises and postures that help us remaining fit and healthy.

Why Yoga?

It is one of the most convenient forms of exercise that can be performed without any equipment or tools. Though many modern forms of yoga recommend using support, they are often optional. Secondly, yoga does not recommend exerting extra pressure on our body or mind there it can be practice by everyone according to his or her stamina.

Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Meant for beginners to develop flexibility and balance in body and mind.

Vinayasa Yoga

It is often called power yoga which means you need to move continuously during whole session. This is an effective form of yoga recommended for weight loss.

Iyengar Yoga

It is good for those who need proper alignment for strength and support of joints.

Bikram Yoga

Also known as Hot Yoga as the temperature and humidity level are maintained at 105 degree Fahrenheit and 40% at the yoga studio. It is good for developing flexibility.

Kundilini Yoga

It calms the mind and energizes the body through breathing , relaxation and mantra chanting.

Ashtanga Yoga

A sequence of different poses including sun salutation and inversions. It is performed by advanced yogic practitioners.

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